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About Us

Who We Are

Sole Guard: Where luxury finds its shield.

Imagine slipping into those exquisite designer shoes for the first time – the quality, the craftsmanship, the way they complete your look. Sole Guard was created to preserve that feeling. Our precisely crafted sole protectors seamlessly shield your favorite footwear, so you can savor that 'new shoe' feeling longer.

Origin Story

It all started with those iconic red soles. In 2017, our co-founder fell in love with her Louboutins and desperately wanted to protect that signature pop of color. She had a simple question: if we can protect our phones with screen guards, why not do the same for our prized shoes?

That 'aha' moment sparked an idea that would lead to the invention of Sole Guard. We started from the basics - traditional materials, but they were simply not good enough for luxury Louboutins. Inspired by the protective films we use on supercars, yachts, and jets, we knew we could find a better way.  

Determined to create the perfect solution, we embarked on a 3 ½-year journey of research and development. The result? Our patent-pending, PVC-based film – incredibly durable, flexible, and designed to maintain your shoes' comfort and look.

Why Choose Us?

Nothing feels as powerful as stepping out in style, with your favorite shoes on and the confidence that they’re shielded from any wear and tear. That’s where Sole Guard steps in - our precision-cut films blend seamlessly, letting your shoes' beauty shine while adding a layer of invisible armor. 

We're obsessed with the details, so you don't have to be. Your feedback is our fuel – it's how we ensure applying Sole Guard is as effortless as slipping on your favorite footwear. Our mission? We want you to walk proudly, dance freely, and dare to step anywhere.