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Universal Sole Guard MenUniversal Sole Guard Men

Universal Sole Guard Men

Sale priceFrom $34.99
Yeezy Boost 350 Sole Guard

Yeezy Boost 350 Sole Guard

Sale priceFrom $33.99
Adidas Boost GuardAdidas Boost Guard

Adidas Boost Guard

Sale price$13.99
Adidas Boost Guard 3 PackAdidas Boost Guard 3 Pack

Adidas Boost Guard 3 Pack

Sale price$31.99
Gucci Loafers Sole GuardGucci Loafers Sole Guard

Gucci Loafers Sole Guard

Sale price$31.99
Gucci Loafers Sole Guard 3x PackGucci Loafers Sole Guard 3x Pack

Precision-crafted Sole Shields

You know the drill: the more you step out in your loafers, the more they start to tell the tale. But here's a plot twist – with Sole Guard, the soles of your loafers keep looking sharp and your style spot-on, no matter how many strides you take.