Sneaker Shields

Take bold strides

Heel protection, crafted to perfection

It’s no secret that walking usually means wearing down the shoes you love so much. But it doesn’t have to. Sole Guard’s meticulously designed protectors give your heels a layer of reliable security to keep your soles safe and your style flawless. 

Q: How do I protect my shoe soles?

A: Using the precision-cut Sole Guard protectors will protect your shoe without compromising your style. We recommend adding Sole Guard to your heels, loafers, sneakers, and boots!

Q: Should I put Sole Guard protectors on my Louboutins?

A: Absolutely! Louboutin’s valuable red bottom signature sole will damage with wear. Protecting your soles before wear will increase the lifetime of your shoes!

Q: How long do Sole Guard protectors last?

A: Our Sole Guard protectors last up to 10 wears before it’s time for a replacement set. Sole Guards can last even longer when doubled up!

Q: Should I add a second layer of Sole Guard protectors for better protection?

A: Yes! For a double layer of protection, a second set of Sole Guard protectors can be added on top of another layer. Typically, this will mean replacing the top layer after 10 wears and leaving the bottom layer intact.

Q: Will Sole Guard protectors be visible on my shoes when wearing them?

A: No. Sole Guard protectors are fully transparent and cut to each shoe’s measurements to ensure complete coverage and an invisible shield.

Q: How do I remove/replace my Sole Guard protectors safely?

A: When removing your used Sole Guard protectors, please be patient. Do not rip the adhesive back; work with it as the specially formulated sticker slowly releases. For extra precaution, use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to warm up the adhesive. As with any adhesive, a little heat can go a long way so please use caution with this method.

Q: Will Sole Guard protectors make my shoes slippery?

A: Sole Guard protectors will not make your shoes slippery. However, they do not add any additional grip either. The first few wears might feel slightly more slippery but after some abrasion, the protectors should have the grip of a normal sole.

Q: Are Sole Guard protectors pre-cut?

A: Yes! Sole Guard protectors are precision cut to fit the style and size of your selected shoes.

Q: How often are new Sole Guard styles added?

A: We are constantly adding new and popular styles. Have a style you are looking for us to add? Send us an email at

Q: Do I need to pick my shoe size when ordering Sole Guard protectors?

A: Yes. Please pick the correct size for your shoes.

Q: Can I use Sole Guard protectors for heels that aren’t listed?

A: Our products are crafted based on the measurements of specific shoes. However, there are many similarities between the size and shape of designer shoes. While it might not be an exact fit, they will be roughly similar if the toe is the same as the product listed.

Sole Guard makes sure you don’t have to compromise on elegance or endurance. With precision-crafted protective coverings tailored for the soles of your most envy-inducing shoes, you can stride confidently knowing your style is protected flawlessly. Walk proudly, dance freely, and dare to step anywhere with Sole Guard.